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How to uninstall AOL desktop gold?

AOL Desktop Gold software is an upgraded version of the AOL desktop. The software supports numerous exclusive features like the email option, customise font, easy browsing, simple installation, advanced security features, bookmark option, email import and export etc. If you want to get the most of your software, you need to install the latest version of AOL desktop gold on your device. AOL can make your email and browsing experience better than before. However, there are times when users encounter technical trouble with their software. In such a situation, one can always uninstall desktop gold from their device and download the upgraded version. To know how to uninstall, read on and find the simple steps below.

You may have a question about why to uninstall the software. Well! There could be a number of possible reasons and technical concerns due to which you may need to consider downloading the latest version of AOL. Your software is working due to an internal error, you may need to switch the computer to download AOL and initiate its installation process.

Thus, in this post, we have shared some simple guidelines that can help you with the installation of software without trouble. Check the mentioned points below and get the task done without any hassle.

Uninstall AOL desktop gold on Windows 7 computer: Steps to follow

  • Go to the " Windows menu".

  • Click " control panel" from the list of available options.

  • Open "program" and click to uninstall the program from your device.

  • From the list of programs, find and select "AOL desktop gold".

  • Hit the " uninstall" button.

  • Tap "Yes" to begin the installation process.

  • Wait till the process gets completed. Once you are done, you can visit the AOL website and download the latest version for your device again.

Uninstall AOL desktop gold on Windows 10 computer: Steps to follow

  • Click the "Start" menu.

  • Open " control panel".

  • Go to " programs" and find the AOL software.

  • Right-click on the program, and tap to uninstall.

  • Wait until the installation process gets completed.

So, these are some simple steps that can help you uninstall AOL Desktop Gold Reinstall from your Windows 7 and 10 operating system. Once you have successfully completed the uninstallation process, you can proceed next and download the latest AOL version for your device. AOL is the most trusted and reliable choice of users when it comes to seamless email and browsing services. Be it about sending or receiving emails, browsing the internet, watching videos, listening to music or any other task; AOL can serve the best for multiple requirements of the user.

The steps mentioned above or easy and simple to execute. But, if you are still having trouble with the " uninstall desktop gold" process and need expert assistance, you can always call the AOL professionals and get their advice to do the task. Professional support is available around the clock, so contact the experts anytime you want and get the desired services for AOL.

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